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Cataloguing unstructured information is a chronic problem for every organization. Following boom after boom of software for creating information - from Word Processing to Web Publishing - we today have far more resources focused on the generation of content than on the ability to effectively utilize it. Lack of information is no longer the problem - but lack of time to correlate, categorize, analyze and act on the information is a business critical issue. Delphi Group has defined the emerging software segment for taxonomy management and set the benchmark for advisory services to combat problem of "infoglut" through its groundbreaking educational forums, consulting methods, and research.

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1: Taxonomy and Content Classification (1.3 MB, PDF)
Taxonomy software can reduce our reaction time to make informed and timely business decisions based on knowledge and information contained within the unstructured data of an organization's digital documents. This software helps us form ideas from information we didn't know we had while revealing relationships and correlations that were submerged or lost in the depths of the ocean of information overload.

2: Information Intelligence: Intelligent Classification and the Enterprise Taxonomy Practice (892 KB, PDF)
This White Paper provides Insight into Best Practices to manual and automated approaches to that leverage Taxonomy and Classification as part of an overall Information Architecture for the Enterprise.

3: The 2004 Delphi Report: Insight for Business and Technology Leaders (840k, PDF)
A Collecton of Articles Focused on the 'Multiplication Effect': In this issue of the Delphi Report we look at many business and technology factors that are involved in creating a 'multiplication effect' - such as Taxonomy/Classification, Smartsourcing, Business Service Providers (BSPs), Business Process Orchestration (BPO), Digital Rights Management (DRM), Utility and On Demand Computing, xEnterprise, Social Networks and Open Source. These are opportunities to apply sound business methods, concepts, frameworks and technologies to the complex problems we face in today's high-tech world.

Featured Content:

1: 12/12/2005 - Yahoo! Acquires Folksonomy Site del.icio.us (Newsflash - Guest Access)
Yahoo! has reached an agreement to acquire del.icio.us for an undisclosed sum. Yahoo will retain the del.icio.us team. The companies did not disclos ...

2: 11/04/2005 - Autonomy to Acquire Verity (Newsflash - Guest Access)
Verity agreed to be acquired by Autonomy for approximately $500M in a cash transaction. The deal is expected to close in late 2005 or early 2006.

3: 08/09/2005 - IBM Opens Push for Text Analytics Architecture Standard (Newsflash - Guest Access)
IBM announced plans to contribute its UIMA (Unstructured Information Management Architecture) framework to the Open Source Technology Group with avail ...

4: 07/11/2005 - Factiva Aquires Synapse (Newsflash - Guest Access)
Factiva has acquired the business and assets of Synapse, a taxonomy services specialist firm, including the Synaptica taxonomy management software and ...

5: 07/01/2005 - Pre-built Taxonomies Meet Metadata Manager, Officially (Newsflash - Guest Access)
SchemaLogic recently announced that it has partnered with Intellisophic to offer customers taxonomic content (from Intellisophic) coupled with a plat ...


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